2000AD’s Sláine 1:4 Statue Up For Pre-Order, But At A Price!

by Olly MacNamee

Up now for pre-order at PCS Collectibles is a rather spiffy Sláine 1:4 scale statue ($799), one of the more popular characters from 2000AD and still going strong, too. Now, this statue is a pretty impressive rendition of everyone’s favourite Celtic barbarian berserker, but what was also of interest on this site were some of the other statues on offer.
Including a Dungeons & Dragons‘ Venger 1:4 scale statue ($499), from the much-loved 80’s cartoon series, as well as other 2000AD stalwarts like their Judge Dredd 1:3 scale statue ($799). But, be warned; they ain’t cheap, as you can see from the prices quoted. But then, there are a lot of comic book and pop culture collectors who’ll find the money somewhere, somehow. Especially as they are offering a payment plan.

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