Maple Games To Release Mind MGMT Board Game With Matt Kindt

by Hannah Means Shannon

Mind MGMT fans—things are about to move to the next level with the lore of the comic’s superspies since the comic that always had game-like elements is now going to be a tabletop board game from Maple Games.
The games company will be working on this as their first licensed boardgame designed by Sen Foong Lim and Jay Corimer. Mind MGMT: The Board Game will also have new art by creator Matt Kindt. 
Matt Kindt says:

Been following this for a long time as Sen and Jay worked on this game! Went through many ideas and variations – including one of my (failed) ideas that created so much paranoia during game play that everyone just stopped talking. I’m relatively new to board games. Tagged along with Brian Hurtt to Gencon three years ago just to check it out. Came home with a trunk full of board games and I’ve been hooked every since.
One of my favorite 2-player games is Akrotiri – I bought it solely because we had just gone to Akrotiri for vacation — and was blown away by how smart the game was. A year later I bumped into the designers, Sen and Jay at Gencon and they were big fans of MIND MGMT…and that’s how a new game is born!

We have a promo image, but please note that the actual game is not pictured in this image:

Stay tuned for more news about the game–and more art reveals from Maple Games.

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