The Unstoppable Wasp Returns In October From Whitley & Gurihiru

by Hannah Means Shannon

Marvel have stated that on the basis of fan demand, the series The Unstoppable Wasp is coming back next October. The previous series was critically acclaimed for its young female cast of characters performing extraordinary feats in science roles, and there was a fair amount of hubbub over its cancellation.

Marvel says:

You asked for it – you got it! In response to popular demand, one of Marvel’s most acclaimed books is returning to the Marvel Universe along, featuring the return of best-selling and award-winning writer Jeremy Whitley along with brand new art by Gurihiru (The Unbelievable Gwenpool)!

This October, Nadia Van Dyne and the Agents of G.I.R.L. are coming back to the Marvel Universe for a new #1 wherein Nadia teams up with Janet Van Dyne to look into the connections between A.I.M. and Nadia’s father, Hank Pym.

Whitley says on

I think we’re going to see a lot more of the Nadia we got to know in the last two issues of the first volume, one who doesn’t have all of the answers. It wasn’t so long ago that Nadia was a part-time Avenger with very few social obligations. Now she’s a Champion, has responsibilities with G.I.R.L., and has a lot more people in her life than she ever has before. A lot of this first story is going to be about how Nadia reacts to having so many more commitments in her life. We’re also going to deal a lot more with what she’s inherited from Hank, both in her civilian life and as the Wasp. Hank’s had more than his fair share of enemies — and right now, he’s off making more.

Look out for the new series on October 3rd, 2018, and for more info on The Unstoppable Wasp, check out
On Sale 10/3/18

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