Hartley Sawyer Promoted To Season Regular For The Flash’s Fifth Season

by Erik Amaya


Great news for fans of Ralph Dibny today — he’s going to be a permanent fixture ofnThe Flash next season.
TVLine reports actor Hartley Sawyer, who played Ralph on a recurring basis throughout Season 4, has been promoted to a season regular. When word first broke that Ralph, the beloved Elongated Man of DC Comics lore, was coming to the series, character descriptions said the part was recurring with the possibility of becoming a regular in Season 5. Sawyer proved to be a great presence as Ralph, who was re-envisioned as a disgraced Central City cop on an outstretched road to redemption.
At one point, it seemed the possibility of Ralph becoming a permanent member of Team Flash was a ruse to protect the character’s apparent death toward the end of the season. But that death turned out to be a ruse as Ralph’s consciousness remained inside his body. During the Season 4 finale, he was able to reclaim it from the villainous Thinker (Neil Sandilands).
Sawyer joins the recently announced Danielle Nicolet, who plays District Attorney Cecile Horton, as two members of The Flash‘s recurring cast who will take up regular roles on the series.
As a fan of Ralph and Sawyer’s portrayal, I hope the next step in his journey is meeting Sue and learning how to be the best partner for her.
The Flash returns in the Fall.

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