Terror In The Catacombs As Iceman Returns From Marvel In September

by Hannah Means Shannon

We previously learned that The Unbeatable Wasp was coming back from a period of cancellation, and now Marvel have also announced that due to fan demand, Iceman will be returning. Both titles were seen as breaking with the mainstream status quo in comics, firstly for having a cast of young, female, diverse science heroes, and latterly, for having an openly gay character in a title role.
Cancellation of those titles and others raised conversation, since the books were moderately successful and might easily have continued. If their return is the influence of new Marvel EIC CB Cebulski, it’s a welcome one.

Not only is Iceman returning to the Marvel Universe, but so is original writer Sina Grace alongside a new series artist, Nathan Stockman (Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme).

This September, Bobby Drake will be returning in Iceman #1 where he tries to adjust to life after leaving the X-Men, and finds it quite difficult.

Sina Grace told Marvel.com:

Iceman got to try his hand being a leader in the pages of X-Men Gold. While he’s fine enough running a team, he knows it’s not where his strengths are best put to use. He’s still sorting out how he fits in this world when he discovers that morlocks are disappearing in the sewers. What he uncovers in the catacombs is far more terrifying than he could have imagined. From there? Things get really bad.

For more information about ICEMAN, check out Marvel.com.

Written by SINA GRACE
On Sale 9/12/18

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