E3 2018: A Panel With Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man & Game Play Initial Impressions

by Gary Catig

For me, the two games I looked forward to the most at E3 were Kingdom Hearts 3 and Spider-Man.  Based off of the lines to demo both during the show, it seemed as though many felt the same way.  During Day 2 of the expo, Spider-Man had its own panel where they revealed more about the upcoming superhero game.

During the talk, one of the speakers came out with a Silver Sable T-shirt, potentially providing a tease for the game. Other interesting notes from the half hour discussion include how the developmental team wanted to put their own slant on the characters. They showed concept art for the five villains revealed in the trailer and spoke how the designs and looks were supposed to be separate from the comics and the most recent film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Electro is probably the most different from what fans expected, but they did try to incorporate his star-shaped mask in the form of a scar on his face.
Based off the trailer, Spider-Man will be taking on some form of the Sinister Six but the final member is still a mystery. For people who buy the special collector’s edition, a statue of the last member of the villainous crew will be included but will be wrapped up for those who prefer to be surprised in the game. If you’re the impatient type, you can open it up to see who rounds out the roster of the Sinister Six. Also, for those who like the connection of the game to the Marvel universe, they will be pleasantly surprised to find Avengers Tower, the Wakanda Embassy, and the Sanctum Sanctorum as you explore New York City.

While at E3, I braved the line and was able to play the game for a short period and came out impressed with what was available. The first thing you notice is the really open world you have to navigate. The game mechanics are really smooth and you really feel like you’re web slinging through Manhattan. When combatting the criminals of New York, you can go in full force and wreck stuff up or you can take a more subtle and stealthy approach to keep a lower profile. If you do the former, you can do different attack combos by hitting different buttons however it can lean towards button mashing when faced with numerous enemies.
You can also interact with the environment either when fighting by webbing items to throw or when casually walking down the street and high fiving the civilians. There are plenty of side quests if you want to foil the random crime around the city or perform certain tasks and actions a set number of times.  In addition, there are power-ups hidden throughout so even if you finish the game there is plenty more for those who strive for 100% completion.  In the last part of the demo you confront The Shocker as he is robbing a bank in a boss battle. Much like fighting any boss, it’s about finding his attack pattern and finding the best way to counter for big damage. Although it is pretty cool to go head to head with one of Spider-Man’s villains.
Overall, I enjoyed playing the demo and I only wish I had more time. Spider-Man, which is developed by Insomniac Games, will be released on September 7, 2018.

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