E3 2018: A Video Game Related Haul

by Gary Catig

E3 was held from June 12 – June 14. Over 69,000 people packed the L.A. Convention Center to enjoy all things video and computer games related. With some of the industry’s biggest publishers who had some of the most elaborately constructed and decorated booths, you better believe there were great giveaways. As common with any show, you have your T-shirts, enamel pins, and paper-based crowns and masks. My most sentimental get is the Ninjala shirt since I had to actually earn it. I had to win first place in the multiplayer bubble gum ninja action game against other competitors, including their professional ringer.
Then there were items that were different but were playfully relevant to the games they were associated with. For example, after playing Team Sonic Racing they gave you a nice car air freshener and a fidget spinner, which has similarities to a shuriken, came with the Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker demo. For the VR game, Creed: Rise to Glory, they fully embraced the boxing theme by providing inflatable gloves, a corner towel, and a sports bottle. This was my first E3, and after attending all three days, I can see why it is one of the most sought-after pop culture related events to attend.

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