Chris Hardwick Won’t Be Moderating Panels At SDCC

by Christine Marie Attardo

Last week brought a powerful personal essay from cosplayer, Chloe Dykstra who used to date nerd-icon Chris Hardwick. Despite his reaction, it looks like his geek-centered empire might be falling around him as this account is a powerful one.
Dykstra began the story this way:

In my early twenties, I was a vibrant, goofy kid who loved video games, Doctor Who, dressing up in cosplay with my friends, and karaoke nights. One day, I met someone at a convention and ended up falling for a man almost 20 years my senior. It wasn’t the first time I’d found myself in a relationship with an older man; I’ve always joked about my daddy issues, and thought that with age came stability and wisdom. Welp.

What follows is an emotional account of the abuse that took place in a relationship that she had. You can read the full story here. You’ll notice, she doesn’t mention Hardwick by name, but it is easy to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Since then, Hardwick has released a statement denying the allegations, but it doesn’t matter to the big companies that pay his bills.

TMZ added:

Nerdist, the website he founded and sold to Legendary Entertainment, removed all of his content on Friday, and made it clear he no longer has any affiliation with the company.

Chris Hardwick’s talk show, Talking With Chris Hardwick has also been cancelled by AMC and he will no longer be allowed to moderate panels at San Diego’s Comic-Con. I have seen Hardwick perform in the past, and have enjoyed his commentary on panels, talkshows, etc. However, I think it is important to listen to Dykstra’s account and take appropriate action.

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