Swag! Denver Comic Con 2018 Edition

by Hannah Means Shannon

I didn’t swag it up too much at Denver Comic Con 2018, partly due to splurging at a couple of other shows recently, including the Five Points Festival, but also due to having limited luggage capacity this time around. But what I did end up with is pretty cool, and I did run around doing some shopping during the final couple of hours of the show. Denver Comic Con “Merchant Mesa” was great for swag, I have to say. It was hard to decide what to take home!
I ended up with the local show T-shirt for the year, the design of which is particularly cool:

Is it just me or is it hard to find good Daredevil T-shirts? There are so many superhero shirts available these days, but I’ve only ever found two Daredevil shirts that met my no doubt picky expectations. Here’s the second of those:

Next up is some swag from the Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards, including a comic anthology featuring work from friends Morgan Beem and Nicky Soh that I’m looking forward to reading. I met comic artist Barry McClain, Jr. and he kindly signed a copy of his comic Q Ball for me, too!

I was also really happy to meet comic artist Wook Jin Clark at this show and get to chat with him and have a look at his new comic series at Image, Flavor, which is coming up on its second issue.

Denver local comic artist Morgan Beem is also responsible for the artwork on the souvenir glass for this year’s con brew “Razznarok” from Breckenridge. Here’s here Valkyrie that is pretty much to die for.

Predictably, I cannot leave a show without a vinyl collectible, so here’s my Kidrobot choice. I was pretty excited to see they had a substantial booth at the show.

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