It’s Grim Up North In Hit-Girl #5 From Lemire, Risso And Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

It’s grim up north, as Hit-Girl almost immediately finds out on her next tour of the world, taking out bad guys wherever she finds them. Only she’s here in Canada on a mission. She’s chasing a big time drug dealer selling skag in New York, but hails from Canada, so I couldn’t think of a better fit to write this next chapter in Hit-Girl’s life other than Canadian native Jeff Lemire. Accompanying him for the ride is Eduadro Risso, so you know this is going to be a great read script wise and art wise, and it is.

We meet Mindy savagely caught up in a bear trap and bleeding out, before we skip back in time to give the reader the requisite backstory to explain her current, perilous predicament. A predicament that doesn’t seem to be getting any easier either, thanks the very real dangers of being stranded in waist it deep in snow in the wildness of Canada. A sharp contrast from the tropical backdrop of Columbia we recently witnessed Hit-Girl shooting her way through.

As foulmouthed and as determined as ever, Hit-Girl is served well by Risso’s art, as this is a relatively sparse issue in terms of dialogue. But the art will have you slowly read through this issue as Risso, as always, delivers a masterclass on effective and dramatic layouts on each and every page, especially as Mindy hits Canada and the kind of dives that the criminal fraternity are associated with.
If you aren’t reading Hit-Girl, then this is the issue to pick up and get reacquainted with her.
Hit-Girl #5 is out now from Image Comics

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