No Holds Bard: The Superhero Adventures Of Shakespeare, Now On Kickstarter

by Tito W. James

We’ll explore love, labour, and losing it as Bard and Page inch ever closer to their dreaded archnemesis, the puzzling and pernicious Puck. This far-out fantasy-fueled folio stirs the loins of both literary loyalists and action hero aficionados alike, with more iambic pentameter than you can shake a stick at.

In No Holds Bard, Logan Faerber (Namwolf) and Eric Gladstone (Marvel Heroes Omega) tell the adventures of the original dynamic duo, William Shakespeare and his Page. In the graphic novel, our heroes will face the perils of Elizabethan assassins and explore fantastical lands. It’s a bizarre concept but it has the right team for it.
You can back No Holds Bard right now on Kickstarter.

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