Multiple Threats, A Mutated Killer Croc, And That’s Just For Starters In Justice League #2

by Olly MacNamee

It didn’t take rapscallion Lex Luthor long to get back to his evil old ways and cause havoc and devastation wherever he chooses, while the Justice League continue to expand their team roster with an offer to Jon Steward through the most bizarre of communication channels I ever did see. All the while, the Justice League are battling it out with a mutated Killer Croc, transformed after entering the Totality that landed on earth at the end of the last issue. And that’s the first 6 pages! Oh, and the multiverse is still dying. DC have a crisis and a countdown, all at the same time!

Scott Synder, in taking on a far larger and more diverse and eclectic group of characters than he ever had to deal with on Batman, and at a time when the Justice League are expanding further than ever before, shows he’s a master choreographer in the events that he skilfully sets in motion and juggles expertly. Each character is given their own distinct voice, and there is plenty of time for dialogue as well as action that, once again, makes this a well balanced issue. As for the Jorge Jimenez art…. Wow! With Ivan Reis and Jimenez sharing art duties we really are spoilt.
The script is zippy but also fulfilling, with even more peril thrown at this new team as a new Lantern Corp is revealed to add even further problems to this fledgling team. By the end of this issue, the dangers are ramped up once again and, surely, the Justice League will soon find themselves spread too thinly.

I enjoy Luthor the most when he is a villain. He’s not Magneto, who we can sympathise with given his history; Luthor is an ass of the highest order, taking great pleasure in destroying any vestiges of his father still left in this mortal coil. Anyway you look at him, he’s not a nice man. Egotistical, the friendly face of capitalist fascism, and the second worst president America ever had. The personification of White Privilege who still has the audacity to want even more. With a renewed motivation and a Legion of Doom backing him up, this first story-arc in this run is already turning into something special.
Justice League #2 is out now from DC Comics.

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