SDCC 2018 Exclusives: All The Funko Reveals So Far!

by Hannah Means Shannon

Toymaker Funko have been releasing wave after wave of San Diego Comic-Con 2018 exclusives from a variety of fields of fandom–and though they are not done by any means, we thought we’d compile them together for you into a listing of the exclusives revealed so far.

SDCC 2018 Exclusives: Comics
Pop! Comics: Saga – Flocked Ghüs with Pajamas
Ghüs has been a lot of things in his day… but sweet is not one of those things. Ghüs is looking pretty sweet in this flocked (fuzzy!) SDCC exclusive Pop!
Rock Candy: Saga – Alana
Saga makes its Rocky Candy debut!
Pop! Comics: Hellboy in Suit
Hellboy is looking sharp in this SDCC exclusive Pop!, with a
full suit and crown surrounded by tentacles!
SDCC 2018 Exclusives: Games
Pop! Games: Destiny – Sweeper Bot
It’s the bravest bot in the Tower!

Pop! Games: Overwatch – Grillmaster Solider: 76Soldier: 76, in his Grillmaster: 76 skin from the Overwatch Summer Games event, will be lining the shelves at SDCC this year. Respect the chef!
Look for Metallic Whis available exclusively at the Funimation
booth at SDCC! Booth number 4135!Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Metallic Whis

SDCC 2018 Exclusives: Marvel
Pop! Directors: Taika Waititi (3000pc LE)

Pop! Marvel: Marvel Studios 10 – Iron Man Mark I
Pop! Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Kraglin

Pop! Marvel: Thor Ragnarok – Thor with Odin Force
Pop! Marvel: Thor Ragnarok – Hero Valkyrie

Rock Candy: Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones

Dorbz: Marvel – Captain America & Red Skull 2-pack

Pop! Marvel: Classic Ant-Man

Pop! Marvel: Deadpool – Cheerleader Deadpool in Pink Glitter (1000pc LE)

Pop! Star Wars: Clone Wars – Cad Bane™

Pop! Star Wars: Solo: A Star Wars Story – Imperial Stormtrooper™
SDCC 2018 Exclusives: DC
Pop! Television: Teen Titans Go! – Killer Moth

Pop! Heroes: Red Hood

Pop! Heroes: Justice League – Running Flash

Pop! Heroes: Justice League – The Flash Chrome 3-pack (Gold/Red/Silver)

SDCC 2018 Exclusives: James Wan
Pop! Directors: James Wan (1000pc LE)

Pop! Animation: Sailor Moon – Black Lady
Absorbed by the Dark Crystal, The Black Lady is here and
ready to do the Wiseman’s bidding!
Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Dead Yamcha
He dared to do the impossible. Dead Yamcha serves as a
reminder to not be reckless!
Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Super Saiyan Broly
Born with a power level of 10,000, add Broly, one of the
most powerful but unpredictable Saiyans, to your collection!
Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Gold Vegeta
Are you ready now to witness a power not seen for
thousands of years? Vegeta is now a gold SDCC exclusive!
Pop! Animation: Heavy Metal – Bloody Taarna
We’re excited to bring Heavy Metal to our Pop! Animation
line with everyone’s favorite Taarakian warrior maiden, Taarna!

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