3 Things I Love About Mario Tennis Aces

by Christine Marie Attardo

Mario Tennis Aces came out last Friday for the Nintendo Switch, and well, I’m obsessed. You might see a game like this and think, “eh, tennis…,” but you should think, “YES! Tennis!” Tennis with a ton of awesome Mario characters and cool levels. Plus, you can hop online and compete against other people too.
Here are three things I love about the game so far:

One: The solo adventure. So, I’m not going to lie, I’m not great at versing people online. I’m pretty bad at it at the moment. What has helped? Playing the solo adventure. This is a really enjoyable way to play the game because there are a lot of cool levels that incorporate different mechanics. The bonus is, as you play through these levels, you naturally learn more special shots and get to focus your skills on one specific thing. I’m noticing as I play through, I’m getting better at my matches.

Two: The graphics and art style are stunning. Seriously, the picture above doesn’t do it justice. All of the elements to this game, right down to the grass the players run on is pure beauty. The details are amazing. This is one of those games that really makes you appreciate companies like Nintendo and what they do.

Three: The “slow down time” move. I’m sure there is a technical name for this move, but to me, it’s the move that saves my butt. Here’s the thing about some of these shots. They are fast! Mario Tennis Aces incorporates a move that allows you to use your saved energy to slow down time and see the fast balls coming, that way you can adjust your players position on the court. Cool, right?
All in all, you don’t want to miss out on this game! Grab Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch today.

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