A Relevant Read In Today’s Anti-Immigrant Climate: Preview The Silence Of Malka

by Olly MacNamee

Here at Comicon.com HQ I’d like to think we offer you something are than the usual comic book previews. The Silence of Malka, a graphic novel by Jorge Zentner and Ruben Pellejero, is one such book. Reading the synopsis below, it’s certainly a book relevant to today’s heated debates on immigration, not only in the Colonies, but over here in the UK too, where we are preparing to bail out of Europe and go it alone because of a political campaign run on immigration.
This is a story that humanises the issues we are all witnessing on the news daily, through the eyes of one such immigrant’s experience, albeit it a fictional account and set a long time ago. Mixed into this the legend of the Golem, and what you’ve got is a very intriguing title that I’ll certainly be looking out for. Well worth considering when you go to your local comic book store this Wednesday 27th June from IDW.

For the family of the little red-headed Malka, trading the Russian shtetl for the Argentine pampas isn’t so easy. Even in a country eager to populate its vast territories, the immigrants discover that their new home isn’t the promised land. They encounter hostility from both man and nature as they struggle through droughts and locusts in an attempt to cultivate the arid soil. When misery pushes them to the extreme, Malka’s uncle is visited by the prophet Elias, who advises that he create a Golem-the mythical creature fashioned from earth and endowed with life by engraving on his body the word “emet” (“truth”)-to pose as a man and aid the immigrants. Years later, when the adult Malka is visited by Elias, the events of her youth force her to decide whether or not she can maintain her silence-with fate and divine justice hanging in the balance.

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