Have You Indulged In The Steam Summer Sale Yet?

by Christine Marie Attardo

The steam sale got off to a rough start last Thursday, as the store was overwhelmed with customers and straight up froze for several hours. Once the snail speed increased, the fun began. A gamers holiday, the Steam Summer Sale is something many of us look forward to all year. It’s a chance for those titles on your wish list to be part of the 70-80% off pile. I mean, you can get away with spending $20 during this sale and grab a few games. The trouble is, it feels so good that it’s hard to pass up on all the deals.
Another thing to mention is that the Steam Link is on sale for $2.50…yep you read that right. Normally, it’s $49.99.

As far as streaming devices go, the Steam Link is a decent product. I will say though, as someone who has owned one for a few years, it’s important to have a direct Ethernet line connected while using it. That’s the only way it really worked well in my house. I urge you now to go and browse the game selection. Indulge a little! You’ll be browsing for a while. The Steam Summer Sale goes on until July 5th.

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