5 Point Discussions – Record Of Grancrest War 23: “Castle Walls”

by Sage Ashford

The Imperial Army must defeat one last major threat before facing the Mage Association–a giant cyclops! And what secret ability is the Vampire Lord hiding? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. With the Order of the Crest no longer a concern, all that’s left to wrap this war up is the Mage Association. But of course they’ve got a trump card, though it comes in the form of a…giant cyclops? I’ll be honest, of all the potential monsters we could have gotten for a “final boss”, I didn’t expect them to pull a cyclops from the D&D bestiary. They do a good job of talking him up, revealing an older mage association chose to seal away the lead cyclops of an entire army that once attacked them all. Now why they didn’t seal all of them, or kill this one? Who knows. They certainly didn’t gain any real control over the guy, as the first thing he does upon being unleashed is stomp-murder all the mages who woke him up.
In any case, the Imperial Army is forced to deal with him without suffering casualties too heavy. It falls to Lassic, ultimate Bro Knight, to try and take him down with only the help of his RPG party of friends: his mage Moreno, his archer who’s name I legit can’t recall ’cause there’s too many damn characters in this show, and his bruiser Gracq I’ve taken to calling Stone Colossus. Of course, it can’t be as simple as just shooting the damn thing in the eye because that would literally make it a joke, so instead Lassic buys time while Moreno casts a light spell to destroy the cyclops’ cornea.
They play it as Lassic feeling like he needs to do something legendary in order to match up to all of Theo’s accomplishments. And while most of Theo’s best feats came either off the battlefield or through means other than being the best warrior, this is Lassic’s specialty. The fight scene plays out beautifully, as it really feels like Lassic’s in a helpless battle and just fighting to stay alive against an unwinnable boss fight. He nearly gets killed several times, with only the help of his bowman and Stone Colossus keeping him from dying.
Finally though, Moreno’s charge time is up and he’s able to burn the cyclops’ eye, knocking him on his back and letting Lassic finish him off with a spear through his chest. …Admittedly, this is the part I had the most issue with–cool as the fight was, there’s no way Lassic’s spear actually did any damage to a giant monster’s heart when it couldn’t even go through its chest.  Ah well. One monster down, and no lives lost!

2. Well, you’d think so at least. During the battle, Lassic nearly gets caught several times, only for Gracq to run interference, though not without cost. Eventually the cyclops picks Gracq up and tries to eat him, but he turns into a steel form and makes it impossible for him to be chewed up. Enraged, the cyclops chucks him into the ground and stomps on him like he’s trying to wipe out a cockroach infestation, and things look…pretty grim.
After Lassic wins, we expect to find Gracq soup but…he’s shockingly still intact. They do a brief fake out where you think his heart’s stopped, but after a second he wakes back up, revealing his heart and other organs stop while he’s in steel form. They have a teary reunion, and it’s was hard not to get choked up. These guys were really supposed to be killed off ages ago–all of them kind of have the look of “easily killed starter rival and his minions” who get dismissed before a show even hits double digits–but they made it! We got to see them survive impossible situations alongside Theo, and even though things got kind of dodgy their skills and how much they cared for each other got them through. I can only imagine how many more characters I would’ve cared about if this show had enough time to develop the rest like they did these four.

3. Okay, hold up. After the Cyclops goes down, the Imperial Army is able to storm the castle. Cool, but: What about these guys?! The Knight-at-Arms from Marrine’s army have special crossbows that shoot arrows made of light–these arrows have proven capable of crumbling castle walls like the sea would a sand castle. We couldn’t spare a dozen or so to take the cyclops out? Did no one think of this, or did Lassic just need that “Giant Slayer” title so badly ya’ll just let him have the fight? Uhm…sure.

4. For what everyone tried to make into a fearsome thing, the castle walls fell surprisingly easily. They boasted cannons, but were apparently too stupid to know that overheating them would make them explode in their faces. Meanwhile, another character who’s been around since the beginning–Petr (who’s apparently a king), puts his exceptional building skills to use to get in close to the walls and infiltrate. From digging tunnels to avoid all their archers and cannons, to using his men as a living ladder, Petr all but infiltrates the castle walls all by himself. As impressive as the Mage Kingdom was when they were murdering people in the middle of the night in the last episode, they just don’t have the numbers or the military experience as the Imperial Army, so watching them fall in short order feels like the most logical outcome rather than what’s necessary because the show’s only got two episodes left.

5. I guess just because Lassic faced the last boss for him and his party, it doesn’t mean Theo gets to cheat his way out of facing a final boss of his own. Just as Theo and Siluca are about to rush into the city of Eramu and put an end to the Mage Rebellion once and for all, his group is teleported back to the Forest of Eternal Darkness. Siluca points out they’ve been “invited”, which is a pretty unique twist on the usual vampire gimmick where they have to be invited into someone else‘s domain. Guess this was unavoidable–if they’re really going to put an end to the age of Chaos, it’ll have to happen after they strike down the people who benefit the most from it first.
Record of Grancrest War is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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