Bullets And Bad Guys: Preview Mikey Spillane’s Mike Hammer #1 From Titan

by Olly MacNamee

Adapted from an unused screen play written by Mickey Spillane back in the 50’s by Max Collins (Road To Perdition), who’s no slouch in the hard boiled crime noir genre, comes this new comic from Titan imprint Hard Case Crime. Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer #1 also comes around when the world is celebrating his 100th anniversary year. Spillane’s that is, not Hammer’s as we have previously announced. Out now, from artists Marcelo Salaza, Marcio Freire, with lettering by Tom Williams, here’s what you need to know about the plot:

When a chance encounter with a captivating femme fatale leads to a violent mob retaliation, hard-boiled detective Mike Hammer finds himself dodging both bullets and hard broads as he undertakes the most dangerous case of his career.

Enjoy the preview!

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