A Memoir Of Life And Jeopardy: Preview Andrew Rostan’s Form Of A Question

by Richard Bruton

Coming to a comic shop near you in November 2018, Boom! StudiosArchaia Imprint presents a tale of Jeopardy Champion Andrew J. Rostan, with the new original graphic novel, Form Of A Question. And Comicon.com is pleased to be able to share this extended preview of the book with you.

Rostan appeared on Jeopardy, the world-famous quiz show, in 2007, winning 5 shows with a total prize money win of $126,500 and went on to the quarterfinals of the 2007 Tournament of Champions.
Form Of A Question is described by Boom! as “a moving new original graphic novel memoir”, and is written by Rostan with pencils by Kate Kasenow, inks by Jenna Ayoub with Ilaria Catalani, colors by Laura Langston, and letters by Deron Bennett.

(Andrew Rostan author picture from the Addison Recorder)

Form Of A Question is the graphic novel where Rostan finally revisits one of the most important moments in this young author’s life. It tells the reader of the 22-year-old’s experiences on Jeopardy, but more than that, it concentrates on the relationships in his life, including an important relationship that we all have with entertainment.
Sierra Hahn, Executive Editor at Boom! Studios, said this in describing Form Of A Question:

Each of us is struggling with having questions without answers and answers without the questions, which is at the core of FORM OF A QUESTION. Andrew and Kate have created a beautiful rumination on how we’re transformed by the entertainment we experience with people we love most.

Form Of A Question is Rostan’s second graphic novel. His first, An Elegy for Amelia Johnson, was released by Archaia Press in 2011. Again featuring Kasenow on art, with Dale Valeza, An Elegy for Amelia Johnson was a story of three young artists; poet Amelia dying of cancer, and her two oldest friends, the writer Jilian and filmmaker Henry.
In the graphic novel ,Amelia sends Henry and Jilian across the USA to deliver messages to various important and influential people in Amelia’s life. It’s a wonderfully moving and well-done graphic novel that came about through Rostan’s Jeopardy win, with the money from the show funding his work. Rostan said at the time “It let me do what I have done in the last five years.”
Form Of A Question will be available from comic shops and digital comic stores in November 2018. But until then, enjoy this extended preview from the beginning of the graphic memoir.

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