Who Is Cheetah? A Refresher For Wonder Woman 1984

by Christine Marie Attardo

I was quite excited and happy to come across another new still from the Wonder Woman 1984 movie due to release next year. This time is featured Kristen Wig as comic book character, Cheetah. 

Now, I know it might be crazy to some, but I shook my head as I looked at the picture because I had absolutely no idea who that was. If you can make it past my lack of Wonder Woman knowledge, take a look at what Cheetah is all about:

As one of Wonder Woman’s main villains, Cheetah is an archaeologist gone wrong. Her true identity as Barbara Anne Minervais overtaken by jealousy and turns to the gods in selfish pursuit.
IGN shared:

Powered by the plant god Urzkartaga (at times) and fueled by her hatred and jealousy of Wonder Woman, Cheetah brings a ferocious strength and savagery to every battle. However, that ferocity has never proven a match for Wonder Woman’s love and compassion. Cheetah sees Wonder Woman as an enemy, but Diana sees her as a fallen friend in need of saving.

Now with a bit of background information, I’m feeling extra excited to see this character in action. I like Kristen Wig as an actor, so I’m hoping that she does a good job with the role. Diving into the super hero world is all the rage these days for actors.

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