New BlazBlue Game Adds Characters From Persona 4 And RWBY To Their Fight Roster

by Tito W. James

BlazBlue is a Japanese fighting game series featuring gorgeous anime-styled animation. In BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, the latest game in the franchise, players will be able to control characters from Persona 4, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY.
For those unfamiliar with these franchises, I’m going to summarize them in ways that are sure to piss off hardcore fans.
Persona 4:The fourth game in that series about teenagers summoning of their emotional baggage as actual demons. Your roommate has been hyping it for years but if you haven’t gotten into it at this point you probably never will.
Under Night In-Birth: A game series whose plot is even more ridiculous than its title. It’s basically vampire stuff but these vampires are called Voids. You’re not fooling me, I know my edgy/goth/ anime vampire tropes when I see them.
RWBY: That series that everyone only watches for the fight scenes. There’s no shame it that. The fights in RWBY are awesome!
I’ve played the original BlazBlue and had a ton of fun even when I was getting my butt kicked. With the inclusion of new characters from anime-fan-favorite franchises it’s no better time to grab some friends and check out BlazBlue.

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