5 Point Discussions – Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO 10: “The Devil’s Comeback”

by Sage Ashford

SHINC goes up against the dreaded PM4 group. Will LLENN even get a chance to take out Pitohui herself, or will someone else take that chance from her before it ever happens? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. This decision didn’t sit well with me at first, because I was looking at it from the perspective of the first Squad Jam, where no one knew anyone else and everything wasn’t so serious. In the middle of an ambush by Memento Mori, LLENN just narrowly survives getting shot down thanks to the efforts of the girls of SHINC. But recognizing she can’t pull off the same moves that led to her taking out the entire squad on her own like last time, Fuka and LLENN explain the circumstances of their situation.
It felt a little cheesy at first to see them decide to help her instead of wiping LLENN and Fuka out, but only for a moment. LLENN has gotten to know the girls of SHINC in real life, and they’ve developed a strong (if new) friendship. And it doesn’t take life long buddies to recognize how self destructive and terrible Pitohui’s being. Speaking of…

2. This is what happens when people can’t double cross properly. A team tries to make an agreement with Pitohui to work together until the end of Squad Jam–they even promise to log out after they’ve eliminated all the other teams. It’s a blatant lie obviously, but what they don’t take into account is that Pitohui’s about as insane as it gets. She turns down their offer not just because they’re lying, but because the idea of being involved in the game and not killing one another pisses her off.
And because she’s also a garbage person, after they agree to go their separate ways with a ceasefire, she immediately guns all of them down except for one–a young girl who’s too afraid to actually shoot another human in the game. They’re only playing the game because it’s life or death, and she’s obsessed with the idea of being in a world where her life could end at any moment, so someone afraid to kill isn’t considered worth her time.

3. Lest anyone forget this series is a spin-off of a different, nowhere-near-as-good but astronomically more popular show–this episode includes to the main series. The girls in SHINC have agreed to take down all the members of PM4 other than Pitohui so LLENN can have her showdown. But that means getting past M’s massive shield which can deflect nearly every kind of arms fire.
Fortunately, SHINC teamed up with Sword Art Online II main character Sinon in order to acquire a gigantic anti-tank rifle. How they got a world famous player to team up with them who knows, but it worked–and they managed to come up with a plan to get close enough to use it, dodging M’s sniper fire until they got within range. It requires a sacrificial lamb in order to have a prop to use it, but it’s hard to argue with results: they blow apart M’s invincible shield in just a handful of shots, leaving Pitohui to step in to take care of the girls.  Or, well…it should.

4. Just as Pitohui’s about to step onto the battlefield against the remainder of SHINC, she gets sniped directly through the eye by the remaining teammate from the group she wiped out earlier in the episode. This felt like disappointing at first ’cause I thought we were being robbed of the our showdown between LLENN and Pito, but at the same time? Twice so far in this series we’ve seen her fight dishonorably–why should she get some dramatic showdown with her rival? What’s she done to earn it?
So watching her writhe on the ground in apoplectic shock, finally getting the karma for her actions was actually satisfying. Pito’s the person who plays Soul Calibur but constantly goes for ring outs ’cause they’re easy, only to get knocked out of the ring herself and be double-perfected by someone who doesn’t even know how to play.

5. I wanted Memento Mori to be important, but the simple fact of things is they never had any shot. This show is about LLENN and the people surrounding her, and if you’re not important to her in some way, you become irrelevant. With only a few teams remaining, MMTM closes in on PM4 and LLENN and Fuka to wipe everyone out at once.
M just barely saves Pito from dying by injecting her with full heals until he’s out, and recovers her life enough to leave her in game–but given she’s been, y’know…shot through the eye, the game tries to kick her out regardless just from the shock she experienced alone. That’s when we learn she’s wearing the NERVE gear, a banned VR interface after it was hacked during Sword Art Online’s Aincrad game that resulted in thousands of players losing their lives. It allows her to remain logged in, though she’s unconscious while Memento Mori reaches their location.
The other scrubs in PM4 start dropping like flies, but it doesn’t matter–the moment Pitohui wakes up she starts murdering them with utter ease. I can only imagine between her and LLENN, MMTM barely does much of anything next episode. Bummer.
Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online is available on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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