Justice League #3 Is A Saga On The Microscopic, Macroscopic And Cosmic

by Olly MacNamee

The DC Universe hasn’t felt this cohesive for a while now, and it’s in some small part to the events in both Doomsday Clock and Justice League. However, with Justice League coming out twice a month, as opposed to once very two months, this title by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez is leading the way in forging a universe in trouble. Hey, it wouldn’t be DC if there wasn’t some monumental crisis or other happening at any given time.
As we count down to the end of the multiverse, there are still a few galaxy-shattering original ideas taking root, as anything can happen in a cosmos out of sorts with itself and into which you could pour any old idea. And, while I’m sure there will be some DC comics that do just that, Snyder is not a hack writer to use the current chaos as a black canvas upon which anything goes. Just when you thought there were no more colours out there, Snyder Introduced us to the invisible spectrum last issue that has seen Jon Stewart become something else.
Seems like ultraviolet light, unlike the emotional spectrum, controls the ring bearer! We also learn that it’s been around for some time. With a slight addition to his origin, we learn that a certain sinister member of the newly formed Legion of Doom once sought it out, only to be put off the scent by unexpected happenings off-page that led him to the villain we have known since the Silver Age. This is clever retconning, and not disruptive of anything that has come before.

Jimenez’s crisp, almost street art level style gives this book a freshness that acts as a wonderful contrast with Jim Cheung’s art stylings, which I adore, too. We’re really getting the best of both world with these two artists on board this title. Alejandro Sanchez‘s colours certainly help add to the different scenes that play out throughout this issue, offering up several palettes that help differentiate the various narrative threads going on in this issue, as this story plays out on the microscopic, macroscopic, and simply cosmic scale. It’s a juggling act that Snyder is coping very well with indeed. He’s got some mad skills and seems to be enjoying this new vast stage he is able to play upon. We ain’t in Gotham anymore, that’s for sure.

Another breathtaking issue that is only adding and building on the foundations of the DC Universe and making it richer as a result. Just as he did on Batman, Snyder is not only myth building, but rebuilding too. The DC Universe is very much ‘under construction’ at this moment in it’s recent Rebirth, and I’m enjoying being along for the ride. I can’t wait to see the final construction.
Justice League #3 is currently available from DC Comics.

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