A First Look At Pandora’s Legacy Brings Us Monsters & Talking Cats

by James Ferguson

Boom! Studios isn’t waiting until San Diego Comic Con for all the excitement. Instead, the publisher has been dropping announcements and sneak peeks at upcoming books. This time around we’ve got a HUGE first look at the upcoming original graphic novel, Pandora’s Legacy. Written by Kara Leopard and illustrated by Kelly & Nichole Matthews, the comic follows the descendants of Pandora (not to be confused with the streaming audio service).
Pandora’s Legacy starts with a typical family vacation where Charlie, Janet, and Trevor Panagakos accidentally break an old jar hidden away in the woods. This is where they learn the truth of their heritage and how their family has been tasked with protecting a certain famous box you may have heard of. The siblings are forced to go on the run as they figure out how to capture all the monsters that have escaped the jar and save the rest of their family before it’s too late.

I’m going to resist the urge to make a Pokemon reference in there.
Whitney Leopard, Editor at Boom! Studios says:

Every family has keepsakes, or memories, that they like to share with each other…and some families have a lot of secrets that might end up being really important later in life. For Charlie, Janet, and Trevor? Their family secrets have secrets, and most of those secrets just escaped and are now a threat to all mankind. In Pandora’s Legacy each of our heroes show that sometimes you’re more prepared for whatever life throws your way than you think you are. Don’t miss out on this myth-filled adventure packed with fun, action, and a very frustrated cat.

Pandora’s Legacy is based on the successful Kickstarter campaign featuring an illustrated field guide to the story’s mythological monsters. It will feature a cover by Kelly & Nichole Matthews. Look for Pandora’s Legacy at your local comic shop in November 2018.

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