Get Your Fix For Anthro Crime Comics In Kings of Nowhere, Now On Kickstarter

by Tito W. James

Kings Of Nowhere combines elements of stylized crime films like Snatch, set in a mature anthropomorphic world as seen in Unnatural and BlacksadHowever, Kings Of Nowhere isn’t simply a mash-up of ideas. Creator Koteri Ink (Roosh) utilizes anthropomorphic characters called Beasties as a metaphor for outsiders. In a world that is all too much like our own, marginalization leads to desperation and finally to crime.

Unlike other anthropomorphic stories, the Beasties used to be human but were transformed into animals after traumatic experiences. The Beasties used to be revered as gods but are now considered subhuman and are ostracized by society.

Hidden in the slums and away from hateful eyes, the Beasties learned to thrive in the criminal underworld, using their unique skills and primal instincts to gain the upper-hand on humans. The Beasties became the lords of their own domain, masters of the unseen – Kings of Nowhere!

Koteri Ink has a unique concept with art to match. Be sure to back Kings Of Nowhere right now on Kickstarter.

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