Glass Debuts First Look Images

by Erik Amaya

The surprise sequel to Unbreakable is six months away, but it’s never to early to get the excitement going for M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming film Glass. And as seen in the photo below (first published by Entertainment Weekly), Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr. Glass, Bruce Willis’s David Dunn and James McAvoy’s Kevin Wendell Crumb (from Shyamalan’s recent Split) must face the most cunning of opponents yet: a psychologist.
Glass<br /> Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, and Bruce Willis
As Shyamalan told the site, Glass takes place in a world where those with powers are assumed to be mentally disturbed. “It’s kind of the modern-day equivalent of ‘I think I’m Jesus’ or ‘I’m an emperor,'” he explained. Unfortunately for their doctor (Sarah Paulson) their comic book abilities are very real. Of course, it remains to be seen if this plays into the filmmaker’s original plans for an Unbreakable sequel or a new idea he concocted while making Split. McAvoy told EW they discussed the possibility of a second Split while shooting the film, but it became clear to the actor very quickly that Shyamalan’s intentions were much more grandiose.
Glass opens on January 18th, 2019.

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