Middlewest: A New Fantasy Adventure From Skottie Young And Jorge Corona

by Christine Marie Attardo

A new fantasy adventure comic? Yes, please. Skottie Young and Jorge Corona are teaming up to release an all new series entitled Middlewest from Image Comics, and it looks awesome. The story follows an adventurer named Abel, a young boy who must navigate an old land in order to reconcile his family’s history. But this is no ordinary land, this is a land full of hidden magics.
Skottie Young weighed in on the project by saying:

I’m putting so much of myself and my life into this book that sometimes I have to remind myself there’s not really a raging tornado monster chasing me…It’s like we took a Don Bluth movie, Miyazaki, the dark adventures of old Henson movies, and my childhood, then put them in a blender.

Anything that mentions the name “Miyazaki” is okay with me. As a huge fan of Young’s work, I look forward to seeing this project come out. I really enjoyed his series, I Hate Fairyland, but would like to see some more serious stuff from such a creative mind. I can’t wait to dig in.

Middlewest #1 will hit stores on Wednesday, November 21st.

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