April Bowlby Confirmed For DC Universe’s Doom Patrol

by Erik Amaya


While it may seem a formality, Titans guest star April Bowlby will reprise her role as Rita Farr in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol, according to Deadline.
Created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani just before the arrival of writer Bob Haney to the Doom Patrol concept, Rita Farr was an Olympic athlete and promising actress whose close encounter with volcanic gasses left her with the ability to elongate herself into seemingly impossible shapes and sizes. Initially lacking control on her new powers, she becomes a recluse until the Chief offers her aid.
Bowlby — alongside Jake Michaels as Cliff Steele, Dwain Murphy as Negative Man, and Bruno Bichir as The Chief — will debut as Rita in an episode of DC Universe’s Titans later this year, but after word broke out that Chief may be recast, it put into doubt whether or not the Titans guest stars would reprise their roles in Doom Patrol. Now, at least Elasti-girl will remain the same.
The 13-episode series will pick up after the events of their Titans debut, with Cyborg drafting them into a mission they cannot ignore, even if it could change their lives forever.
Doom Patrol debuts on DC Universe in 2019.

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