Moon’s Duncan Jones To Direct A Comic Book Movie

by Erik Amaya


Director Duncan Jones wowed audiences with his rather contained film Moon and time travel flick Source Code. His Warcraft adaptation may have taken on too much of the game series’ extensive mythology, but it showed he cared about Azeroth in a way few filmmakers can claim. He also released Mute, a passion project of many years, thanks to Netflix. And, as he announced yesterday on Twitter, his next film will be a comic book movie.

Naturally enough, Jones is vague on which comic book he will be adapting. Presumably, not all the contracts are signed. Also, as The Playlist points out, his use of the term “comic book movie” suggests the project may not be superhero related. Curiously, though, their idea of non-superhero projects include Sony’s Silk adaptation and Marvel Studios’ planned Eternals film. The latter is a good fit for Jones regardless, but perhaps the project is further away from the traditional superheroes than lesser known characters from the Big Two publishers. Maybe it’s something like Image Comics’ Kill or Be Killed or Boom’s Giant Days. And to get closer to the superheroes again, Jones would be an excellent choice for The Sandman.
It is possible we’ll know for sure before Comic-Con next week — Jones claims another tease is coming on Sunday — but considering both Sony and Warner Bros. have presentations planned, perhaps the formal announcement will be made then.

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