SDCC 2018: 2000AD Announces Dredd-Full Panels

by Olly MacNamee

While there’s no news on a signing schedule, there is news on all the 2000AD panels over the forthcoming SDCC weekend. Here’s what you need to know:
Forgotten Archive Teach Us About Comics In The 21st Century?
Thursday, 7/19/18, 2pm – 3pm, Room: 29AB
They’ve influenced some of comics’ biggest names, but you’ve probably never heard of them; this is the hidden history of what was one of the biggest comics industries in the world. From The Leopard from Lime Street to Whizzer and Chips, from horror comics aimed at young girls to warped humor comics for preteens, these weekly anthologies were a unique influence on some of the biggest names in comics and, with their weekly format and cross-genre mashups, form the missing link between American comics, European comics, and manga. Discover the untold story of British comics with Ben Smith (head of books and comic books for Rebellion), Graeme McMillan (Hollywood Reporter), and others.
Spotlight on Simon Bisley
Friday, 7/20/18, 3pm – 4pm, Room: 4
One of comics’ rock ‘n’ roll superstars, Simon Bisley’s incredible artwork changed the industry forever in the late 1980s with his work on Slaine: The Horned God and Judge Dredd, producing a myriad imitators and launching a decade-long fad for painted comics art. A unique and irrepressible talent, Simon’s work has reached far beyond the page to influence mainstream culture, and while he has always evolved, his style remains timelessly recognizable. Simon sits down with Mike Molcher from 2000 AD to discuss his work, career, and philosophy.
The 2000 AD Thrill Hour!
Saturday, 7/21/18, 4pm – 5pm, Room: 4
A Betelgeusian “hour” of thrill-powered fun from the legendary comic book publisher, which is not only reviving a forgotten generation of classic British superheroes but is also publishing its first ever all-women creator special! Join Liana Kangas, Katy Rex, and other creators for a chat, announcements, and fun!
Judge Dredd: Supercop or Satire?
Saturday, 7/21/18, 6:30pm – 7:30pm, Room: 8
He’s the hardline cop bringing justice to the mean futuristic streets of Mega-City One, but is Judge Dredd a hero or a villain? Is he a law enforcement role-model or, in the light of recent years, is he becoming a worrying vision of the future? Panelists debating the pros and cons of the lawman of the future include Mark Russell (Judge Dredd: Under Siege), Meg Downey (CBR), Rosie Knight (Nerdist), and Evan Narcisse (io9, Rise of the Black Panther).

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