From The Writer of Avatar Comes A New Fantasy Adventure For Netflix

by Tito W. James

Avatar: The Last Airbender created a Harry Potter-level epic for episodic animated television. Now head writer Aaron Ehasz will be working on a new animated series for Netflix. The Netflix original series will be titled The Dragon Prince. The core characters include two human princes who have an uneasy alliance with an elfin assassin sent to kill them both. Together, they will go on an adventure to bring peace to their warring lands, and a dragon will show up at some point.
Netflix is certainly selling their new show as the next Avatar. However, Ehasz is not one of the co-creators of Avatar, who are Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, respectively. We can only hope that The Dragon Prince will deliver the same commitment to nuanced villains, complex world-building, and diverse characters.

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