Harry Breaks The Case In Resident Alien: An Alien In New York #4

by Brendan M. Allen

Harry has been stranded on earth pretending to be a human doctor for so long, he understands how another intelligent yet marooned alien could fall in love with a human. With his latest mystery cracked, will what Harry has learned in New York City help him finally get back to his homeworld?

Resident Alien: An Alien In New York #4 wraps up the penultimate mini series in Steve Parkhouse and Peter Hogan’s genre bending science fiction/murder mystery franchise. This time around, Doctor Harry Vanderspeigle spotted something oddly familiar in a video package about Goliath, a missing New York street artist. The artist’s signature, scrawled in Krylon on a brick wall, turns out to be ten digits in an alien script Harry recognizes. Ten digits that translate into a Manhattan phone number.

The bait proves to be too much to resist, so Harry packs up and heads to the Big Apple, where he meets Linda, Goliath’s agent. Linda’s got a whopper of a secret, and peeling back the layers may provide the answer Harry’s looking for to get himself off planet and back home.

Harry is a highly relatable character. Peter Hogan writes the good doctor as a brilliant stand-in for just about anyone who’s had trouble blending into unfamiliar surroundings. It’s surprisingly easy to look past the purple skin and pointed ears. The fact that he’s an undercover alien is definitely front and center, but is only a facet of Harry’s awkward, insecure character.
Steve Parkhouse’s linework continues to blend the banal and the extraordinary in an oddly mundane way that holds the whole premise together. It’s so easy to invest and accept Harry and Raoul as human stand-ins, it’s actually shocking when the curtain gets pulled back and we’re reminded they’re anything but a couple of regular dudes.

The arc wraps in a very satisfying manner, and then the epilogue throws a twist that makes even this fantastic blowoff seem like a tiny cog in a much bigger machine.

Resident Alien: An Alien In New York #4, published by Dark Horse Comics, released 11 July 2018. Created by Peter Hogan (script) and Steve Parkhouse (art).

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