SDCC 2018 On The Ground: Photos Of A City In Set-Up Mode

by Hannah Means Shannon

Walking around San Diego on the day before Preview Night is like seeing a comic convention struggling into existence and it is, quite frankly, fascinating, even if the media companies would probably rather not have this awkward stage spread across the news. It’s also the stage where manual labor and the expertise of human beings comes to the fore, exerting all their ingenuity to create spectacles that will transform the city, for a few days, into the focal point of geek culture.
So I love Tuesdays before SDCC, and I always try to take some photos. Here’s my walk along the waterfront, seeing the big banners going up on the skyscraper hotels, and then along the gaslamp district, where every building is becoming a haven for some kind of off-site experience with daunting lines come opening day.
Dig in to this photo gallery:

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