Did The Amazons Really Exist? TED Ed Sheds Some Light On Wonder Woman’s Sisters

by Tito W. James

Wonder Woman is deeply rooted in Greek Mythology. The isle of the Amazons first appears when Heracles is sent there to retrieve the belt of Queen Hippolyta for his ninth labor. Wonder Woman’s creator, William Moulton Marston, reverses the heroic narrative of Heracles and portrays him as a violent subjugator of the Amazons. After rebelling against Heracles, the Amazons ban all men from the island and wear gauntlets reminiscent of manacles so as not to forget their enslavement. However, this is the comic book version of events. What inspired the myth of the Amazons and who were they really? The folks over at TED Ed produced a lovely animated short to shed some light on this influential part of history.

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