SDCC 2018: Dynamite Offer Up 5 One-Shot Comic Book Treats For This Halloween

by Olly MacNamee

It may well be high summer where you are (it’s certainly been a scorcher here in the UK over the past few weeks) but I am already dreaming of lighter breezes and some rainfall. But, in hoping for that, I am also hoping for an end to summer and after that comes the season of ‘mellow fruitfulnessto quote Keats, and soon after that, Halloween. Well, Dynamite are first off the blocks in offering up a seasonal series of one-shots for this Halloween, featuring some of their more recognisable from franchises that have made Dynamite their home over the past few years. From Army of Darkness and Vampirella to characters not often associated with horror such as Bettie Page. We’ve got the covers and each issue’s synopsis covered for you above and below.
First up, the lead image, Army of Darkness Halloween Special by writer Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Benito Cereno with artwork by Eoin Marron and Anthony

When a crazed tour guide raises the spectral remains of the galleon that brought the Necronomicon to America, Ash finally meets the one thing he hates more than Deadites – ghost pirates! It’s chainsaws and boomsticks against cutlasses and muskets, and if Blackbeard’s men can’t have their treasure, the Promised One’s head will have to do!

Next we have the Bettie Page Halloween Special, written by David Avallone and Leah Williams with artwork by Julius Ohta and Fernando Ruiz.

Bettie Page is back! Is a Boston artist in contact with godlike space invaders, or is he just nuts? Bettie brings the love, and the craft in the latest chapter in writer David Avallone’s Secret Diary of Bettie Page! Written by David Avallone and Leah Williams with artwork by Julius Ohta and Fernando Ruiz.

Everyone’s favourite Queen of Creepy, Elvira with her Elvira Halloween Special is up next:

Everyone’s favorite Mistress of the Macabre, Elvira is spinning her wheels hostessing horror film festivals at the local drive-in when she discovers the opportunity to get in good with George Rottmero, producer of the greatest, grittiest, most realistic horror movies ever.  When she discovers the grave secret behind Rottmero’s success, her dreams of superstardom might become deader than her undead co-stars!! Written by Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz, Scott Bryan Wilson with artwork by Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz.,

Vampirella is another no-brainer as the Vampirella Halloween Special with her own Halloween troubles:

Where Vampirella comes from they don’t celebrate birthdays — so she had to choose her own. Is it any wonder she picked Halloween night? Unfortunately, her simple celebration is interrupted by — you guessed it — one of those pan-dimensional demonic invasions that often seem to take place on All Hallows Eve! Written by Scott Lobdell and Blake Northcott with artwork by Rapha Lobosco and Anthony Marques.

Finally, Red Sonja and the Red Sonja Halloween Special, written by Erik Burnham and Tom Defalco with artwork by Tom Garcia and Anthony Marques.

During the Festival of the Dead, an old woman hires Sonja to find and save her son from a terrible evil. What Sonja is not told is that this terrible evil is the curse of lycanthropy… can Sonja defeat a werewolf during one of the longest and most magic-filled nights of the year, or will skill and luck finally fail her? Find out in Red Sonja: Curse of The Wolf! Written by Erik Burnham and Tom Defalco with artwork by Tom Garcia and Anthony Marques.

Well, that’s 5 for 5. It’s a nice line up and come that tru=icky fifth week of October, you may very well be looking for some new reading. And, why not a Halloween special or two? Treat yourself.

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