5 Point Discussions – Lupin the III Part V, 10: “Thief And Thief”

by Sage Ashford

Lupin and Albert team up to track down the person holding the black notebook, and put this case to rest once and for all. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.
1. As sad as it was to watch Albert embarrass Lupin multiple times in this arc, it’s still pretty dope watching them work together. Despite not having seen each other in years presumably (or technically ever, but shh let’s let them retcon), they still work together as a perfect combination team. Whether it’s playing “bad cop, good thief” to learn the whereabouts of the person trying to kill Lupin, or infiltrating the castle where their enemy is, Albert plays off  Lupin almost as well as Jigen, and that’s saying something.
There’s a moment where the two of them are pinned down behind a pair of pillars, and Albert convinces Lupin they need to charge in, only for him to let Lupin run in on his own. While Lupin realizes he’s been duped, Albert takes the opportunity to take out all three of the people firing on them, pointing out nonchalantly he knew Lupin would make it to safety. He’s spent long enough with Lupin to understand he’s just a naturally lucky guy, and had no problems taking advantage of it.
2. This series really made me want to investigate Lupin’s past. Like apparently in this timeline he ran into crazy leopardmen with giant axes while searching for treasure?  Give more of this, please–Lupin and Albert in the past dealing with all types of supernatural insanity while trying to become the greatest thieves ever.
3. More than any Lupin I’ve seen, this show has zero problems with the blood. Lupin’s always been a show with violence in it, but it’s always been on the low end of PG-13. If you see a car chase, Jigen shoots out a tire and their assailants crash, never to be heard from again. Are they alive? Dead? Who knows; it’s pretty much an animated episode of the A-Team. Well, not this series–while Lupin and Albert are on their way to the castle with the notebook they get chased by a pair of cars–Jigen shoots one down, but Goemon takes out the other by jumping onto the car and shoving his katana into the driver’s skull.  There’s no ambiguity here either, blood literally sprays out of the hole in the car like it’s a Tarantino flick.
4. Speaking of violence, holy crap do the villains in this episode get destroyed. I think this is easily the bloodiest episode of the series so far–even the assassin’s episode still tried to do a lot of classy, bloodless death.  This episode they get freaking brutal.  The creepy girl who turned her piercings into weapons tries to fight Goemon, only to get her metal nails chopped off by Goemon’s sword…then later flicked into her eyes as a distraction before Goemon legit slices her in half.
Then Lupin faces off against Revenant again, and while he doesn’t have nearly the weaponry or advanced info to fight him proper, what he does have is quick movements and an Iron Maiden inside the castle he manages to maneuver the guy into.  Yeesh. Even the cutesy girl with the garotte wire gets offed in brutal fashion, with Albert leaving her strung up by her own garotte. As an aside, I kind of appreciated this–anime (and fiction) has a habit of letting despicable characters live if they’re cute or otherwise attractive, while simultaneously letting less attractive characters die. Nope, if the extra from Cyberpunk 2077 had to go, everybody gotta go.
5. With this arc winding down, it’s good Lupin got a chance to reassert himself as the best thief in the game. At the last moment, Lupin confronts the person behind all these assassinations, but still gets briefly outsmarted by *checks notes* Jose’s…cybernetic rocket powered fist that can discharge electricity? What happened to this series being realistic?
Anyway, before Jose can put an end to Lupin, Albert comes in and shoots him directly through the heart, because apparently all the villains had to take a gruesome end. Jose’s rigged his body to explode if he dies though, which leaves Lupin and Albert only seconds to escape…but Lupin still manages to steal the black notebook back. He carries an injured Albert back to Paris, and Albert tries one last time to knick the notebook off him…but fails, because this show is called Lupin, not Albert. With the notebook now out of the hands of the terrorists, both the head of the DGSE and the right-wing candidate backing them are forced to resign, while Lupin takes the chance to leave the black notebook with his deceased friend to bring this arc to a close.
Lupin the III Part V is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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