SDCC 2018: New Lego Sets From DC, Marvel & The Lego Movie 2

by Gary Catig

San Diego Comic Con is an event where various facets of pop culture including comics, TV, movies, toys and video games all meet for a spectacular five day event. Only preview night has passed but yet there has been a lot of news coming out of the show like the ComiXology Originals. Well, Lego has also announced some of their new building sets from DC, Marvel and The Lego Movie 2. In addition, they provided first hand looks of these sets as well as upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story products at their booth.
First off, they have two new DC sets. Coming out a few months before the movie, will be Aquaman: Black Manta Strike. It will come with an Aquaman, Mera, and Black Manta minifigures along with the villain’s submarine.  It will retail for $29.99 and is due out on August 1, 2018.

Coming at the start of next year on January 1, 2019, is Batman Mech vs. Poison Ivy Mech. Included will be Batman, Poison Ivy, Flash, and Firefly minifigures and the two mechs. It seems as though the Poison Ivy Mech is a little lacking compared to her counterpart.  This set will retail for $39.99.

Marvel is also receiving a mech set with their Spider-man Mech vs. Venom Mech. It will be released December 1, 2018 and will cost $49.99. The set comes with the two titular characters along with Aunt May and Ghost Spider (Spider-Gwen).

There will be three new collections from the upcoming The Lego Movie 2. The first is Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy.  There are new versions of the Emmet and Lucy minifigures and it will also have a brick built alien invader. The price for this set will be $29.99.

Next there will be Emmet and Lucy’s Escape Buggy with a combined six figures. There will be Emmet, Lucy, and Sharkia minifigures and Metal Beard, Star and Heart buildable figures.  This set will sell for $49.99.

Finally, there will be Sweet Mayhem’s Systar Starship! This fun construction toy will come with five figures. There will be the Emmet, Lucy, Star, and Heart ones from the previous set and a Sweet Mayhem mini-doll figure. This will be the most expensive of the three with a price of $69.99.

Also, on display at the Lego booth were three previously announced sets from Solo: A Star Wars Movie. They will all be available on August 1, 2019.
Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes

Imperial AT-Hauler

Imperial Conveyex Transport

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