SDCC 2018: The Preacher Panel Finds Hitler Strangely Relevant

by Hannah Means Shannon

The Preacher Panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con 2018 on Friday night hosted Sam Catlin, Seth Rogen, Dominic Cooper, Evan Goldberg, and Ruth Negga.
Asked why God likes the latex dog outfit, Seth Rogan said, “Have you worn one? Once you go latex dog, you never go back.”
Asked how they have built the mythology of Angelville and how they’ve changed the mythology of the comic, Sam Catlin said that though Tulip dies in the comic, they moved it up a notch.

Asked what has been exciting for him about this chapter, Dominic Copper said that bringing the family into the story, following the almost prequel to the comic of the first season was a big milestone. He said that Jessie is now realizing that he is both good and evil, which helps him understand the voice of God in him, as well.
Speaking about Jessie’s grandmother, Catlin said that she weaponizes her care for Jessie to keep him there. She’s not just a villain,  but does all these things in her mind for love and for continuity in her world.
Asked about fight scenes this season, Ruth Negga said that she likes the recurring theme of unusual weapons that Tulip gets to use, especially in the finale. She gets very creative and the writers got very creative. And Negga “followed through”, she laughed.
Joseph Gilgun was asked about Cassidy’s experiences in the Tombs this season, especially the fight scenes. Gilgun said that stunt men break things down for him, and the first time he sees it, it seems impossible and overwhelming. He and Cooper had to learn a fight together, and were learning it for quite a while, and getting attacked by insects. He then displayed a giant insect bite on his leg for the crowd.

Asked about the unhealthy love triangle between Jessie, Tulip, and Cassidy, Cooper said there’s too much going on to really focus on it for the characters, but the situation is so complex that Jessie just wants to get all the people he cares about out of danger. But things are getting fractured, and you have to wonder if it can ever be repaired, Cooper said. It may not be resolved this season, Cooper said.
Negga feels more hopeful about things; she thinks all these characters are “wedded to each other” and don’t want to lose these “soulful” connections. You can see that with Tulip and Jessie—that their friends become their family. Even though the characters have gone their way this season, they have a thread that’s bonded them together, she feels.
Jessie is facing his biggest foes and obstacles this season, Rogen said, and others have to help him overcome them, whereas the opposite was true last season.
Asked about whether Jessie is a good or bad person, Goldberg said that’s it’s becoming clear that Jessie is becoming both more clearly, and that’s an important development this season.
Asked about the appearance of the All-Father this season, Rogen said that this person is the real leader of the Grail, and is a disgusting mountain of a man. It was always one of their favorite characters from the comics, and they make good on his bizarre nature.
Cassidy’s going to have a lot of “sexy vampire friends”, coming up Gilgun commented. There’s a lot “going down”, he joked.
Tulip will form an interesting partnership with Featherstone this season, and Negga said that Jessie’s grandmother really meets her matches in Tulip and Featherstone, and has a begrudging respect for them. No one backs down, which makes it exciting for Negga.

Negga feels sorry for Tulip that she’s not top dog in these relationships, though.
Asked what’s next for the Saint of Killers and Satan, Catlin said that the Saint has to go bounty hunting, and he has to go get Eugene and go get Hitler.
Cooper said that Jessie’s dark side, and the dilemma of having the voice of God and then losing it puts him on the edge. And having to side with someone who he knows is not the right person to side with, but not having a choice, contributes.
This season, Cooper was submerged in a coffin underwater, and Rogen said that this was not supposed to happen with actual water. There’s no shot that needed that, he confirmed. Cooper confirmed that he was put underwater in a coffin and Rogen and Catlin seemed astonished, since they didn’t think that would be needed. But that’s “great” they laughed, to get it on camera.
A clip was shown of a remarkable “found object” fight scene from Episode 5. Though it may look improvised, it can’t be since that would be too dangerous, Rogen said. The cast, however, does put their bodies at “great risk”, Rogen laughed.
Cassidy goes on a date in Episode 5, and Gilgun was asked what kind of female companion Cassidy is looking for. Well, he’s a drug abusing Vampire who doesn’t really have a type. It’s all about pleasure for him, Gilgun said. Cassidy is a free spirit, and beggars can’t be choosers.
Rogen feels that “tonally” they’ve stuck closely to the comics despite changes.
Asked if they are going to have political jokes coming up, Rogen said that they never guessed that including Hitler would somehow be relevant, but now he is, to audience laughter and applause.
The season finale for this season will set up things from the comics that fans will really like, and the series will begin to resemble the source material even more, Rogen said.

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