SDCC 2018: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Shows Appreciation For The Fans With An Entertaining Panel

by Gary Catig

Thursday night at their San Diego Comic Con panel, the people behind Brooklyn Nine-Nine were greeted by a supportive and boisterous audience. A video was played to recap all the previous seasons. They even poked fun at themselves as they referenced the cancellation but also the triumphant return next season on a new channel.
The first thing the welcomed guests did was thank their fans for giving them a second live on NBC. In attendance were executive producers Luke Del Tredici and Dan Goor and almost the entire main cast. The only person missing was Andre Braugher.

As the panel progressed, everyone described the roller coaster of emotions as they experienced being taken off the air, to the overwhelming online and viral support, to finally being picked up again.
They have already begun working on the next season and are five weeks into preproduction. They were tight lipped about details but did concede that the recent nuptials between Jake and Amy opens up exploring the dynamic early in a marriage. There will also be a Hitchcock and Scully centric episode with flashbacks. We will finally learn whether Kelly is Scully’s wife or dog.

Afterwards, they discussed how segments of the show are inspired by real life. Del Tredici incorporated his relationship with his twin children into Sergeant Jeffords and his twins. Speaking of Jeffords, Terry Crews spoke how his character is the most like him in real life than any other role he has had.
One of the most significant storylines this past season was Diaz’s coming out as bisexual. Stephanie Beatriz appreciated how the writers room collaborated with her and drew upon her experiences to tell an authentic and respectful story. This marked the first time a character came out as bi on network television.

During the Q & A, we learned that they are trying to bring back Gina Rodriguez’s character as Diaz’s love interest but might encounter scheduling problems due to the actress’ blossoming career. Another character they would love to return is Doug Judy, played by Craig Robinson.
The cast were also touched by how they have inspired their fans. From promoting equality and inclusion on the show to providing positive Latina and bi role models with Santiago and Diaz. Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller, the acting veterans, noted how the business evolved from only casting straight white males on TV to a diverse cast like Nine-Nine.

Other notes from the panel include the cast’s favorite episodes were “Beach House”, “The Party”, “99” and “Cheddar”. If the show had ended after season five, the actors envisioned some interesting eventual outcomes for their characters. For example, Jake and Gina would have become best friends with Bruce Willis and Beyoncé respectively while Santiago and Jeffords would make captain. Boyle would own his own Italian restaurant and Scully and Hitchcock would become the new owners of Shaw’s Bar.
Overall, the panel was fun and enlightening with no shortage of “___ is the title of your sex tape” jokes. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is considered a good example of a chosen family accepting everyone’s quirks and the fans are happy to be a part of it.

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