SDCC 2018: The Team Tackles Metahuman Trafficking In Young Justice: Outsiders

by Gary Catig

Young Justice is one of those shows that got a second life due to fan response and repeated viewings on Netflix. A year has passed since announcing the return and at their panel at San Diego Comic Con, cast and crew spoke about the process and some plot tidbits.
At the start, a video was played that was part sizzle reel highlighting key events and part first look at the upcoming season. Then the art director, Phil Bourassa, producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, voice director, Jamie Thomason, and voice actors, Troy Baker and Stephanie Lemelin, came on stage. Lemelin will once again play Artemis, while Baker plays new character, the aristocratic Prince Brion of Markovia.

Story wise, Weisman and Vietti are incorporating old, never used ideas from the first two seasons and completely new ones that stay in line with the repercussions of the events at the end of the second season. Some time has passed and Artemis, along with other former and current members, are dealing with the loss of Wally West.
Since the show is shifting to DC Universe, the new streaming service, from Cartoon Network, the creators could create a darker tone with mature energy. That is shown as a big focus of this third season will be the metahuman gene and metahuman trafficking. All those searching for power from countries to corporations, are finding ways to exploit and weaponize super powered beings.
From watching the trailer and seeing promotional material, there will be a slew of characters included. The costume designs are tweaks on traditional ones people are familiar with that fit on a functional and narrative level.

One new character joining the team will be Forager, voiced by Jason Spisak. This current iteration looks different from the comics since he has a fun silhouette and shape. This is to make him more adorable as he brings levity and light heartedness to the serious show. He also has a different perspective from the team because he is an alien.
Another new character is Halo, who in the comics, was an original member of the Outsiders. This season will be highly influenced by the source material, but with a different spin. It will focus on characters affected by the changing world but who aren’t necessarily involved in the superhero game, and hence the reference to outsiders.
The series will debut this fall on DC Universe. There are currently seven episodes completed and, in the can, and fans can expect a total of 26 episodes this season.

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