SDCC 2018: Titan To Re-Publish Out Of Print The Prisoner Series From DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Titan are currently publishing a very successful sequel of sorts to The Prisoner cult TV show, but it’s not the first time this show has been attempted in comic book form. Back in 1988, DC Comics published a prestige format mini-series called Shattered Visage telling the story of former secret agent Alice Drake, whose round-the-world solo voyage is interrupted when she is accidentally shipwrecked and washes up on the shores of The Village. There she encounters Number Six, finds out what has become of Number Two, and discovers the true purpose of The Village.
Fromy Dean Motter and Mark Askwith, IDW are about to reproduce this series as a trade paperback later this year, with added never-before-seen content such as Motter’s original character sketches.
Here’s what matter had to say about this his take on this cult classic:

When I was approached to do a series based on The Prisoner, I leapt at the chance. It was one of my favourite TV shows when it first aired … My thinking turned to doing it as a post-modernist fable – one that took place in the current era, but that would re-open the questions from the original saga. However, doing the research was going to take more resources than I had – so I drafted my friend and colleague Mark Askwith to help me with that aspect of the project. It became a collaboration almost instantly. I am honoured to see it re-presented as part of Titan’s ongoing celebration of The Prisoner‘s ongoing 50thanniversary.

Look out for Shattered Visage later this year folks, from Titan Comics.

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