Swag! The Mega SDCC 2018 Edition

by Hannah Means Shannon

It’s unfortunate that in the San Diego Comic-Con year that I somehow managed to get the most swag that I have ever picked up at any show, I also brought my smallest suitcase ever to SDCC. But here’s hoping I manage to get it all out of California on a plane tonight. Send me good vibes.
In the face of the enormity of the swag, it’s going to be hard to break it down individually, so I’ll try to cover some categories.

First of all, there’s the clothing, which includes official SDCC shirt, Marvel’s Ant-Man shirt, a hoodie from BBC America showing the new Doctor, and the awesome Legion T-shirt I got given at the Legion panel.
Next: comics. I got an ashcan of Stranger Things upcoming from Dark Horse from the writer Jody Houser, Memoirs of a very Stable Genius from Shannon Wheeler, some Marvel freebies, and Infinite Dark #1 from Top Cow.
Comics and other printed material: The official con guides and souvenirs, of course. Then there was a super cool issue of Heavy Metal and some of their Tarna comics. Also a signed Iron Maiden comic. Throw in there the Deadpool toilet seat covers for good measure.

Posters were the big surprise this year. I ended up with so many. A gaggle of Marvel freebies that I only had to mosh pit for once, the rest were put into my hand as I walked. But there’s the limited edition giant Perdy poster for the upcoming Image book, and also the signed comiXology poster for Marley’s Ghost, too, now the proud recipient of an Eisner Award.

Oh, I left out the Wynonna Earp poster, which almost consoles me for missing the panel, and some comiXology Originals work, including a preview book of upcoming titles.

Enamel Pins: I promised on social media that I would spend the show in search of enamel pins, and they were EVERYWHERE, so it was more a matter of choosing. I got some sweet comiXology Originals pins, but also a Witchblade one, a Hillbilly exclusive, a Black Crown beauty, some bubble tea from Tokidoki, and an Omega Key not pictured since I forgot it was in my backpack at time of photo. That totals six, but I think that was very restrained of me considering the vast array on offer at the show.

For the eagle-eyed, there were also a couple patches of a Tokidoki Godzilla and for the show Mayans coming up in September as written by Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter. Also, the Eisner Award guide and the announcement and preview info for George Takei’s upcoming graphic novel memoir, They Called Us Enemy”.
Toys and Collectibles: saving in some ways the best for last, and certainly the things hardest to get onto my plane tonight are Hasbro exclusives for a Han Solo set and a Transformers Bumble Bee set. Also a BBC Doctor Who mug, and four different vinyl exclusives from the Titan Merchandise Titans line, including the new Doctor, both realistic and manga style, white walker Viserion, and Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks.
If all this gets home, there’s the question of where it can possible go in my home, but I do have a special shelf just for SDCC exclusives and swag that I swap out, so it’s getting pride of place as my biggest haul ever.
What did you pick up?

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