The Power Rangers Prepare For The Final Battle In MMPR #29

by James Ferguson

After suffering a series of defeats at the hands of Lord Drakkon, the Power Rangers are ready to go on the offensive. They’re gathering their forces, calling in teams from across time and space for a final attack against this superior foe. Much of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 is spent in preparation, getting ready for the finale to Shattered Grid. This is no less exciting than the battles we’ve seen to date.

A big reason why this is so intriguing is that we’re seeing all these different Power Rangers together. It’s more than a little awesome to see members from these disparate teams side-by-side. Writer Kyle Higgins plays up some interesting combinations that we wouldn’t normally see, most notably Zordon and Commander Cruger. It makes for some cool dialogue too.
This is helped along with Ed Dukeshire’s letters. There are specially colored word balloons for the more otherworldly characters like Cruger, Zordon, and Alpha 5. While the Rangers themselves have standard balloons, these are just different enough to show the other forces at work to help in this fight.

Artist Daniele Di Nicuolo and colorist Walter Baiamonte deliver what is probably my favorite image of the entire Shattered Grid storyline in this issue. It is a breathtaking double page spread with dozens of Power Rangers teleporting to the command center. The Mighty Morphin team comes out to see them and they’re staring up in awe, just as we are as the readers. We knew something like this was coming, but that doesn’t minimize the impact in the slightest. It’s an absolutely gorgeous shot.
This is immediately followed by a page that fans have been waiting for since Shattered Grid began. It’s a rallying cry of hope to fight back Lord Drakkon’s darkness. This one page is sure to bring a smile to any fan of any Power Rangers franchise. It might just make you pump your fist in the air in excitement. At least, that’s what I did.

MMPR #29 also sees the return of Grace Sterling. She was holding Drakkon captive in secret which caused an immediate rift between her and the Power Rangers. This makes her partially responsible for this whole mess. Considering the Rangers need all the help they can get, she’s cautiously brought back into the fold. There’s a great scene between her and Jason that shows a lot of growth on the part of the Red Mighty Morphin Ranger. He’s a leader through and through.
Additionally, this issue shows us the other side of the conversation between Lord Drakkon and the Ranger Slayer. We saw part of this in Go Go Power Rangers #11. Drakkon’s side is more sinister and conniving with Finster-5 whispering nearby. I love how sickly and deformed Drakkon’s become. All this power is about to tear his body apart, but he’s fueled by rage. That’s more than enough to push him forward.

We’re marching towards something big in the final chapters of Shattered Grid. That’s saying something considering how epic the storyline has been so far. The final pages of this issue are jaw-dropping and work to set the stage for the finale. I have never been more excited to be a Power Rangers fan. This is some awesome stuff.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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