The Saga Of Locke & Key Continues At Netflix With A 10-Episode Order

by Erik Amaya


Locke & Key‘s attempts to become a television show are almost as harrowing as the journey the Locke family goes on in the comic book by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. But, it seems, the show will finally happen.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Locke & Key will become a 10-episodes series on Netflix with The Good Wife‘s Meredith Averill joining Carlton Cuse as co-showrunner. The news marks a home run for the third attempt at bringing the IDW comic book series to life. The first was commissioned by FOX in 2010. The pilot, produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, starred Miranda Otto as Nina Locke, a widow who moves her family to her husband’s ancestral home in Maine. There, her children find the house has a magic to it, accessed by keys and doorways offering strange and wondrous powers. It floundered and the network ultimately passed. The pilot eventually screened at Comic-Con and leaked online, allowing fans to see it.
The more recent pilot was developed for Hulu and starred Frances O’Connor as Nina, Jack Mulhern as older son Tyler, Megan Charpentier as sister Kinsey, Nate Corddry as uncle Duncan and Jackson Robert Scott as younger son Bode. Initially, Hulu was excited about the project, but a change in the top tier management saw Locke & Key discarded from their lineup. Netflix took a look at the pilot and began a deal to take over the project in May. At the time, reports indicated O’Connor would be recast, but now the entire cast will be replaced as Averill, Cuse and Netflix realign the concept for a third time.
Locke & Key represents a bigger move into comic book properties by the cable streamer, who also took over development of The CW’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and bought Mark Millar’s Millarworld comic book company outright. But for fans of the series, the move means after almost of a decade in development, Locke & Key will finally make it to air.

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