LFCC 2018: My Little Pony Meets Artists Alley

by Olly MacNamee

New York Times best selling author and returning organiser of London Film and Comic Con’ Comics Zone for a second year, Tony Lee, is a man of his word, giving the comic book creators each their own My Little Pony. As I patrolled Artists’ Alley on this first day I asked them to show me theirs if I showed them mine. And no-one was reticent! As you’ll see below.

Verity Glass (Torchwood, Vikings, Doctor Who)

Daniel Sampere (Injustice 2, JLA)

Jorge Jimenez (Earth 2, Justice League, Super Sons)

Ian Richardson (2000AD, Noble Causes)

Kev Hopgood (Iron Man, co-creator of War Machine)

Brett Parson (Thank Girl)

(From l-r) Giorgia Sposito (Doctor Who), Arianna Florean (Star Wars, Secret Warriors) and Claudia Ianniciello (Sherlock, Penny Dreadful)

David Leach (Psycho Gran, Titan Comics editor)

Sara Pichelli (Fantastic Four, Spider-man)

Frazer Irving (2000AD, Batman, The Mighty Thor)

White Noise in their best catalogue pose (l to r) Caspar Wijngaard, Ram V, Dan Watters, Ryan O’Sullivan)

Llexi Leon (Iron Maiden: Legacy the Beast) and Heavy Metal CEO Jeff Krelitz


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