Pedro Pascal First Look From Wonder Woman 1984 Suggests Possible Role

by Erik Amaya

Since Wonder Woman 1984 is still shooting, it was inevitable photos of its cast would surface online. But it seems Warner Bros. Pictures and director Patty Jenkins are doing fine controlling the narrative by releasing photos first.  As an example, she posted a first look photo of actor Pedro Pascal in his as-yet unannounced role in the film.

He’s definitely still a champion in that power suit, though. Just a vision of 80s corporate culture.
But the suit and hairdo definitely suggest one DC Comics character he might be playing. As Moviebill points out, he could easily be Maxwell Lord, founder of Justice League International and, ultimately, an opponent of Wonder Woman in the lead up to Infinite Crisis. Created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire, he was initially presented as a pastiche of the 1980’s high power businessman archetype of before ultimately running afoul of the superhero community and Diana in particular. After putting her in an impossible situation, Diana snapped his neck, causing an international incident as he arranged for his death to be broadcast around the world.
Which, y’know, makes him a pretty good villain for a Wonder Woman film. Lord was previously played by Peter Facinelli in the first season of Supergirl.
At the same time, though, Pascal possibly playing Lord is mere speculation. Considering the climate of 1984, he could also be a new form of Ares trying to heat up the Cold War. No matter what role he’s playing, though, he sure looks smart in that suit.
Wonder Woman 1984 opens on November 1st, 2019.

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