LFCC 2018: Top Ten Takeaways From The Peter ‘Robocop’ Weller Panel

by Olly MacNamee

Like a lot of the American guest at this con, Peter Weller was a dominating, entertaining personality and kept a packed auditorium enthralled for his hour on stage. Here’s what I learnt from the man himself, about Robocop (of course), his directing, and the odd fun anecdote too.

  1. Peter Weller is directing on the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spin-off, The Mayans. In fact, he came to LFCC straight from set where he’s just started shooting his first episode.
  2. He’s also going to be directing MacGuyver as well as episodes of the new Magnum PI series.
  3. Discussing Frank Miller’s Robocop 2, Weller revealed that he had tried to explain to Miller that there was no third act, and no moral to the story as a result. Seems Miller chose not to listen.
  4. Weller has a PHD in Italian Renaissance Art.
  5. On the subject of his suit in Robocop: “It was 55 pounds of sh*t, man. How was it? It was Hell!
  6. He shared advise on directing yourself given to him my Clint Eastwood, who said, “You’ll find it very easy to direct yourself. Because it’s one less a$$hole to talk to.”
  7. He spent 3 days as Robert Mitchum’s gofer, but only after he convinced him that he and John Malkovich weren’t gay. Weller has a real reverence for the Hollywood of yesteryear, cleaning that many fought in WWII and so had “big balls”. Something he feels is lacking in most actors today. Including himself, he was quick to point out. 
  8. He once had dinner with Queen Elizabeth II in Austin Texas, sharing the top table with her.
  9. When he was offered King Kong Lives and Robocop, even though the former paid big bucks, he went for Robocop, which paid about 10% of what he’d have got on King Kong Lives.
  10. Naked Lunch was another film he did because it was a chance to work with David Cronenberg and portray, “One of America’s greatest authors.

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