Heroes From The Past Confront Modernity In Project Superpowers #1, Out This Week

by Hannah Means Shannon

Dynamite has brought back Project Superpowers, this time around written by Rob Williams and illustrated by Sergio Davila, and importing heroes “from the past” into the modern world to prove their worth. These public domain heroes carry interesting traditions from comics past,  but how do they fare in the present world?
Dynamite says:

A 21st Century threat is coming for us all. What dread secrets does The Death Defying Devil hold? The Lighthouse will rise and the Spirit of The American Flag will take on a new host. But will it be enough? Can superheroes still save the day?

Covers for issue #1, which follows on from a #0 that was previously released as a primer to the series, are by Francesco Mattina, Ed Benes, John Royle, Philip Tan, JG Jones, Stephen Segovia, and Sergio Davila:

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s issue #1, which landed in shops on August 1st:

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