A Big, Bada$$, Blockbuster Of A Debut: Leviathan #1 From Layman, Pitarra & Image

by Olly MacNamee

John Layman is back and with another gonzo comic that only he can write. In a 5 part comic book series that goes large on its subject matter, whether that be giant kaijus or the laughs he injects this issue with, Layman is well partnered on Leviathan by artist Nick Pittara, who’s art style – a mix of Chris Burnham and Geof Darrow – suits Layman’s humour and subject matter like eggs and bacon. Think Godzilla meets Cloverfield meets MAD Magazine.
Meet Ryan Deluca, who’s had to step out from his own party when they run out of beer, thanks to some uninvited guests draining his fridge dry. On the way to the local convenience store, all Hell breaks loose as the title’s eponymous leviathan raises it’s ugly head and rains havoc and damage beyond all imagining onto an unprepared city.
There’s no pussyfooting around for Layman, who wastes no time in ramping up the all-out, non-stop action and destruction that drives this issue like a freight train through a wall. In witnessing this truly magnificent monster, we have a wonderful addition to the memorable kaijus of the silver screen, such as Monthra, Rodan and the likes. Rather Pittara than me drawing this beast. Every single solitary scale of this creature’s hide is present and accounted for in each and every appearance of this fiery foe. But, for both creators, this is clearly a love letter to the cheesy monster movies of yesteryear. And I’m lovin’ it.

Of course, it’s far too early to even consider the reasons for this behemoth’s sudden awakening, and I don’t think it even matters, really. I doubt this will be merely an excuse for Layman to present a comic that is little more than a excuse to show full on action and anarchy, but I’d be more than happy if it was the case. I could look at pages and pages of Pitarra depicting this leviathan crashing through a cartoonish world (made more so thanks to the bright, bubble-gum colours used by colourist, Michael Garland) of his and Layman’s creation all day long, but in introducing us to a plethora of human characters, and the promise of gung-ho, over-the-top military action too, there will be a human interest in this story. And, therefore, human lives at risk.
A big, badass, blockbuster of a comic that’ll knock your socks off and get your adrenaline pumping. Big action and big laughs with detailed, day-glo art to match. Go find it, before it finds you!
Leviathan #1 is out now from Image Comics.

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