Into The Belly Of The Beast: The Wilds #4 Is Out This Week

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week, the fourth issue of The Wilds arrives from Black Mask Studios, written and illustrated by two rising stars in comics: Vita Ayala and Emily Pearson. Colors are by Stelladia, letters are by Jim Campbell, and the cover is by Natasha Alterici.
In this series, after an apocalypse, loose city-states are formed and Daisy acts as a black market runner for her enclave. She routinely takes people through the wilderness between settlements, but when another runner, Heather, goes missing, she investigates and uncovers far more feral behavior in human habitation than she ever expected.

In this fourth issue:

Waking in the belly of the beast – Medical Central – Daisy finds herself reunited briefly with Heather. Their time together is cut short when Heather is taken away to undergo “treatment.” Unable to rescue her partner on her own, Daisy is able to flee Medical with the help of a mole, vowing to return with every ally she has at her back. The only thing standing in her way: the people she has sacrificed everything for, the people of the Compound.

Here’s a preview of The Wilds #4, which arrived in comic shops on August 1st, 2018.

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